What type of shower enclosure will be the best for you

Every house starts from its bathroom. As you know, mostly all people estimate the house and its comfort from the bathroom. So, it’s better to focus lots of attention to this room. The main thing in any design is a free space. If room will have enough free space, you’ll feel comfortable in it.

For saving space, you can use custom objects for your room. They will suit it best, because it will have exact size and shape. Also it will give more clear picture of your design, because everything will be in one style.

So if to talk about Shower Enclosure, it’s also better to look on custom projects, not the standard one. To understand what you want and need, let’s talk about types of Shower Enclosure, so you can understand what you can get, using our services.

Choose the Perfect Door for your shower

So here all the types, which you can find here:

  • 90 Degree Shower Doors – this is one of the classic types, it’s a perfect square with trimmed glazed corners. It’s a perfect idea if you want to put you shower into the corner, and want to save some space in your room.
  • Neo Angle Shower Doors – this type can provide you more space inside the glass shower enclosure. Also it doesn’t have so sharp angles, so it will make your design lighter.
  • Frameless Shower Doors – this is one of the best types, if you like simple ideas and light design. This type could provide you elegance to your room and give you enough space because of its pane which you can easy pivot out. That will help you keep you shower clean and spacious with a modern style.
  • Inline Door & Panels – also a good choice which will suite mostly for every design. Such type will provide you free access to shower and will bring elegance to your house.
  • Bathtub Shower Doors – if you prefer to relax in bathtub after work, this idea will be just perfect for you. Glass will protect your room from water, and its design will bring your house luxury style.
  • Sliding Shower Doors – if you’re looking for some ideas which can save space in your room, sliding doors can help you with it, because it won’t need some free space in front of it. We can provide different styles of Sliding Shower Doors, so you’ll have a big variety of choice.
  • Bi Fold Shower Doors is another perfect idea for saving space in bathroom. The idea is very close to sliding doors, the main difference is only in way of opening such doors. Such doors tend to fold inwards.
  • Fixed Splash Guards and Single Doors – if you don’t like closed spaces, this variant will suit you the best. It will save your room from splashes and won’t take much space.
  • Hydroslide Shower Doors – this is variant of framed shower doors, which can be perfect for rooms with lack of space.
  • Framed Shower Doors – this is a classical variant for every bathroom. If your design has lots of metal accessories, doors with frames will look really stylish.
  • Steam Units – it’s really cool idea to have your own steam unit. It will give you not only relax after hard day, but also will help you to save your health and feel good. Our company “Go Glass and Mirrors” can provide you services of installing glasses for this type of shower.

Types of Glass Selection

Another important thing on this topic is a type of glass which is using for shower doors. Type of glass can bring different mood to your bathroom. For example, if you want to bring more intimate atmosphere you can use glass with a blurred light effect. Also you can use glass in such color, which will suite to your design.

In our store you can find such glass as:

  • Clear Glass – most common and classic type. Clear glass will give to your room more space and light.
  • Starphire glass – this type of glass is much more transparent than Clear Glass. This effect was achieved by removing more iron oxide from the glass.
  • Frosted Glass – is good idea, if you like to have intimate atmosphere. Here we used system for sandblasting the glass surface. Such glass will also will be great idea for minimalist design.
  • Hammered Glass – another good idea if you want to have nontransparent glass shower enclosure.
  • Tinted Glass – this type will look really unique in your design. Mostly such glasses used in cars, and for house construction is something new.

Now, when you know all potential of shower enclosure, you can choose best custom variant for you, and we will be glad to help you with it. If you have any questions you can contact us be phone or email. We provide the best service


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