Shower door enclosures and types of mirrors in NJ

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any house. If you decided to make a constriction in this room one of the best decisions will be installing a shower enclosure.

The main thing in any shower enclosure is high-quality shower glass, especially if to talk about shower doors. As you understand, this part of the construction is the most important, depends on the quality of glass shower doors you’ll have good or not so, protection from leaking.

Also from the quality of bathroom glass doors depends on how safe it will be. All glasses which you’ll install in your home must be tempered or how it also called “safety glass”. It will protect you and your family from serious injuries. It will protect you because if you’ll brake a tempered glass shower door it will crush to lots of small pieces, and won’t make you big harm, as it could be with simple glass.

If to talk about types of bathroom glass doors, we can find the frame and frameless types. The first one has lots of different types. For example, lots of people prefer to install custom sliding shower doors. This type of construction gives you more space in the room and will be the best idea for small bathrooms, where every small part of space is important.

Nevertheless, today most people use custom frameless tub shower doors, because of their nice look and minimalistic design. Such construction looks much lighter because it doesn’t have much hardware on it. Mostly you’ll find only glass and handle to open it.

Anyway, all these types cost mostly the same money, so only you decide which type you’ll get: frame doors, sliding doors to save space, or frameless doors with their minimalistic design. 

Standard or custom shower doors

If you’ll look at today’s market, you’ll find lots of offers, with different types and sizes of glass doors. Of course, you can install a standard one into your bathroom, but it won’t look so cool as a custom one. The reason is not only in sizes, which you can choose by yourself in custom mode. The main thing is that every building has different curvature of the wall, so you can face the problem when the standard glass won’t suit your room. 

That’s why today so popular instilling custom shower doors. With custom doors, you can choose the design, the size, glass width, kind of hardware, and other stuff.

Shower doors installation

One of the most important things about shower doors is their right installation. According to the quality of door installation, you’ll have good or bad insulation. That’s why we recommend you to use only high-quality services for such work. If you are looking for high-quality replacement shower doors, we recommend you to pay attention to our website. Our company “Go Glass and Mirrors” specialized in such things, so you can be sure of the high-quality of all products which you can buy here.

If to talk about the advantages which you can take working with us, is:

  • high-quality products;
  • professional installation;
  • your custom design.

The last advantage is really important because you can choose everything by yourself and get the best frameless shower doors for your bathroom interior. So if you’re looking for high-quality glass companies, welcome to our website.

To make an order you just need to contact us using phone or email. Our consultants will help you to choose the best variant for you. 

How it works?

  • You make a call;
  • Specialist come for measurements;
  • We produce your cool custom shower doors and tempered them;
  • Shower doors installation.

All these stages will take place at a suitable time for you. All process will take 10-12 business days, and after it, you’ll get the warranty for all our products. Good thing is, that we support our clients even after the end of the warranty period. So if you got some problems with the hinges or other parts of your construction, you can call us, and we will change it for FREE! You’ll pay only for the detail, and the price will be without any extra charge!


Also, our company “Go Glass and Mirrors” sells different glass mirrors for the bathroom. So you can also order it on our website. Same as glass doors, all our mirrors are custom, so you can choose by yourself: sizes, shape, and design of your future mirrors. We can design for you any types of:

  • wall mirrors;
  • vanity mirrors;
  • bevelling mirrors.

All they are custom, so you could choose the best design for it, we also can cut a hole in the mirror for some light or power socket. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.


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