We are use only the top quality harware

Portals Hardware is a designer and manufacturer of luxury hardware and accessories located in metropolitan Kansas City. They are constantly looking to add new products with added value through improved design or quality over what is currently in the market. Portals products are designed to complement other fixtures throughout the kitchen and bath.


Oceana Double Pull
Taiga Double Square Pull
Coda Double Pull
Counterpoint Double Pull
Symphony Double Pull
Symphony Double Pull
Rondo Double Pull
Concerto Single Pull

Towel Bars

Taiga Square Towel Bar
Oceana Towel Bar with Rosettes
Symphony Single Towel Bar
Rondo Double Towel Bar
Counterpoint Double Towel Bar
Concerto Double Towel Bar
Coda Double Towel Bar
Sonata Double Towel Bar


Concerto 90° Wall-Glass Hinge
Taiga 90° Wall-Glass Hinge
Oceana Wall-Glass Beveled Hinge
Symphony 90° Wall-Glass Hinge
Taiga Glass-Glass Hinge
Symphony Glass-Glass Hinge
Concerto Glass-Glass Hinge
Oceana Glass-Glass Hinge

Over a century ago, C.R. Laurence established itself as a fixture in the glass and glazing industry by setting standards in innovation, performance, selection, and most importantly, service. The critical factor in achieving success in any company, regardless of industry, is derived from its ability to consistently provide exceptional service and being responsive to customer's needs.


Single-Sided Solid Pull Handle Without Metal Washers
MT Series Round Back-to-Back Pull Handle
24 Ladder Style Pull Handle
Crescent Style Back-to-Back Pull Handles
Back-to-Back Oval Round Pull Handle
Colonial Style Back-to-Back Pull Handles
SQ Series Square Tubing Pull Handles
RM Series Flat Outside Surface Back-to-Back Pull Handle

Towel Bars

BM Series Single-Sided Towel Bar
BM Series Back-to-Back Towel Bar
Single-Sided Towel Bar
Crescent Style Single-Sided Towel Bar
Square Style Back-to-Back Towel Bar
Victorian Style Back-to-Back Towel Bar
Back-to-Back Ladder Style Towel Bar
BM Series Back-to-Back Towel Bar


Regal 037 Series Wall Mount Hinge
Geneva 537 Series Wall Mount Hinge
Sausalito Wall Mount Short Back Plate Shower Door Hinge
Ultimate 037 Series Wall Mount Hinge
Regal 180 Series Glass-to-Glass Hinge
Roman 180 Series Glass-To-Glass Hinge
Glass-to-Glass Plymouth Series Hinge
Vienna 045 Series Glass-to-Glass Hinge


Polished Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Chrome
Brushed Nickel
Polished Brass


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